Our history

For over 40 years we are specialized in the production and sale of industrial shelving, automated warehouses and mezzanine.

B.F.T.M. characteristic is to fully develop within its factry at 360° all the premises process bringing out the realization of the finished product. All the production and logistic steps following the purchasing of raw materials are developed inside its headquarter in Numana. Over the years it was tried and maximized the level of satisfaction of our clients not only offering the best customized design, but also granting a pre and post selling service assuring a punctual assistance in several situations. The articulation of our structure's organization outline follows this policy.

Therefore so to ensure the diffuseness of service, our Company is provided by vehicles of its own property (trucks and company cars) put to use of technical vendors and assemblers, all absolutely employed B.F.T.M., going directly to our customers and solving the wide range of problems that could raise during negotiation or installation stage.

Our company policy, focused on continuous innovation allowed to us to achieve a prestigious target in national and foreign market.

Each element of our facilities are designed and worked in our factory of 12,000 square meters. Our operators follow step by step the entire production process, from raw material processing to automated powder coating available in a wide range of colors.

In the workshop department we produce all the components for shelving. They will be assembled together to make the various articles.
The raw materials used in this department are galvanized or pickled coils, metal sheets.The main activities are profiling, punching, bending, drilling and welding.
The machinary employed in this department are profile, panel, punching machines, presses, press brakes, bending anthropomorphic robots, welders, shears and plasma cutting machines.
The components produced can go to the Welding Department, the Paint Shop or directly to the warehouse finished goods for delivery or shipment.

In Welding department, we produce components for shelving and mezzanine, components and semi-finished products, profiles and sections to be cut and assembled to one another by "Arc Welding", to make components and finished products.
The raw material used in this department are profiles, tubolar steel.
The specifications for the welding process are previously qualified by the responsible technical.
Machinery used are welding robots, manual welding, manual and automatic saws.
The controls on the welding activities are performed by the operator himself by the procedure of quality. At the end of the manufactoring, the components go to the painting department.

This Department executes the machining of its competence using a plant with two-rail that consists to transport materials, from one sector of degreasing, by a drying sector, from a location of manual painting, by an automatic cabin for powder coating epoxy and by a drying oven.
The coating process "Powder Epoxy" applied by BFTM does not affect the characteristics required of the product, however this process is managed directly by the Company with defined parameters and described internally and divided by the product in order to preserve the appearance and durability of the finished products and components manufactured by Production departments of Company.

All components exiting the Paint department are taken on by the Warehouse that assumes responsibility for storage.
All articles for specific customer are loaded on trucks according instructions.
For transport the company uses its own vehicles, couriers or carriers of the customer.

  • Advice and purchase support

    Our voyage has just begun: our staff widespread distributed all over the national and the foreign territory is at your disposal. Qualified experts are able to advise you to satisfy at your best your needs of space.
  • Design technology

    Our technical department, based on the own experience, is able to identify the most appropriate solution that could offer at the same time the greatest yield on investment.
  • Raw material

    Every production process is based on the high quality of raw material. For this we carefully screen our suppliers purchasing raw materials with the origin certificate allowing the tracing process and the total control of the product.
  • Production

    Each article of our structures are designed and worked inside the company. Our operators follow step by step throughout the production process, which also takes place through the use of modern robots, from raw material processing to automated powder coating, available in a wide range of colors.
  • Delivery

    After a careful and accurate control our products are ready for delivery. The constant store supply allows minimum time for reply. Thanks also to the support of a wide Company truck pool assuring punctual deliveries all over the territory.
  • Installation

    So to grant you the best high quality of service and to give you a turnkey efficacy we manage directly your "space-laying" through the work of our team of technicians equipped with specific tools. For this we are able to give you all-rounds solutions at 360°.
  • After sales

    We offer inspection services and regular checks on shelving. Through these services, companies can comply with the periodic verification obligations under T.U. 81/2008. BFTM with own technician can provide regular inspections and produce adequate documentation and reporting to be in compliance with the requirements for inspection on safety in the workplace.
  • Inspection of the shelves 

    We offer to our customers the experience, professionalism and experties by giving regular scheduled inspections on the shelves as required by UNI EN 15635. For each periodic inspection we write a report with evidence of the damage and the criticality of warehouse facilities.

Do you want to see our creations?

See our section where we show some of the works created in recent years.