Stairs are structures fully designed and realized by B.F.T.M. fitting every premise and architectural situation, because their design is fully custom made. 

They can be positioned inside or open-air also with purpose of emergency exit. 

The stair’s and railing’s structure are got into proportion so to support accidental overloading according to the low in force

The stair’s flights are realized by “C” cold pressed and bended steel produced by B.F.T.M. using structural iron steel or by normalized UNP profiles that allow through their conjugation to fix the step inside them.
The protection railings are realized in their standard version by horizontal tubular and reinforcing lining or as alternative Orsogril grate.
Steps are directly produced by B.F.T.M. therefore so to have the possibility to customize form and dimensions, the flooring surface is provided with rustications that make the step non slithering. 

The bearing vertical elements are realized by tubular or HE profiles in structural steel provided with origin certification. In case of emergency exit stairs further referring rules are fulfilled. 

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