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Automatic warehouse for an electronic component distributor

by Bftm Admin

The system consists of anti-seismic double-depth pallet racks for 2 shift-lifters with fork pick-up and deposit device, mesh protections, paneling in insulated panels and a mezzanine used for office.

 The warehouses are 87 meters long. , a maximum height of 13 meters and can accommodate pallets up to 2200 mm high with a capacity of 1000 kg, for a total capacity of 4500 pallet spaces. On two sides of the shelving there are insulated panels of a thickness of 40 mm full-height with suitable openings in the areas of pallet passage and walkways.

 In the back of the shelving, as required by the customer, we have been provided protection railings with entrance gates that divide the 2 shelves. 

The mezzanine has a usable floor area of ​​60 square meters, sized for a load of 400 kg / sqm complete with an access ladder and protective balustrades. 


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