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B.F.T.M. increasingly automated and interconnected towards Industry 4.0

by Bftm Admin

The paneling machine is already operating in Bftm. This is the fruit of an important investment that leads the company towards the manufacturing and work period 4.0.

The purchased paneling machine allows a high level of automation and, at the same time, flexibility without losing productivity. Thanks to this investment Bftm will be able to satisfy the specific requests of the customer by offering special pieces at competitive prices.

The machine is completely automated, from loading the flat pieces to unloading the bent components. The bending automation is complete, manipulation and rotation are included during the bending sequence.

The main advantages for production will be:

– Reduction of bending time

– Reduction of the machine setting time

– Increase in production speed 

– Expansion of the range of bending profiles

– Energy saving

– Reduced maintenance costs

– Noise reduction

– Increased safety standards

– 24H working capacity on 24H

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