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Introducing Armesbftm

by Bftm Admin

It might be a straightforward piece of arithmetic, but the result is highly significant. 65 years of Armes + 50 years of Bftm = 115 years of Italian experience. Looking beyond this simple sum, two great businesses have been brought together in synergy consolidating their core values. Armesbftm’s aim is to establish valuable, stable partnerships in target markets worldwide by presenting the benefits of Italian storage systems not just as products, but also as a design method.

Welcome to a new era. We have embraced truly innovative principles that will bring concrete, tangible benefits to all of our customers and partners. “Excellence, again and again” is the slogan that we have chosen to describe our mission. We believe that only the vibrant spark of human input can create true value and all of the people on our team share the same objectives: to be prepared to analyse and listen, to be curious and proactive, to seek out quality and concreteness, and to show dedication to social and environmental responsibility.

Storage systems, steelwork, furniture, and furnishings: our product range represents us, because we are what we do, every day. Our creations are 100% Made in Italy: every single piece takes shape in our factories in Vicenza and Numana (Ancona), where we combine craftsmanship and technological innovation as we carry out the entire production process.

We pursue excellence in everything we do and every decision we make.
And we pledge to carry on doing so for at least another 115 years.

Stay tuned, because there is more big news on the way.

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