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National Industry Plan 4.0: a powerful incentive to invest in your Warehouse

by Bftm Admin

Italian companies in 2017 will have the opportunity to improve their warehouses and storage systems thanks to incentives that the government has allocated.

The National Industry Plan 4.0 supports and encourages companies that invest in new, material and non-material assets (software and IT systems).

 Companies that will acquire by 31/12/2017 such assets will benefit from the depreciation at 250% and the Super Amortization at 140%.

 The discipline is intended to encourage investment in new material assets through a percentage increase in the fiscally recognized cost of the assets in question, so that, for the purpose of determining IRES and IRPEF, the taxation of the tax period Amortization rates and higher rental rates.

 For details on corporate tax breaks please refer to the GUIDE realized by the Ministry of Economic Development and published on the institutional website of the Mass.

 If you are considering investing in your warehouses, BFTM can provide you with customized solutions and in line with the timescales provided by National Industry Plan 4.0.

 Ask us for more information.

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