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New pallet racking system for an office furniture company

by Bftm Admin

The challenge of the month was the creation of a pallet-racking system for an office furniture company.

This company wanted to organize a new warehouse of 15,000 square meters for the storage of semi-finished products in series, partition walls and equipped, as well as supplies totally tailored for contract.

The study of the various sizes of the load units, showed that the measurement of spans, that could allow the best saturation of the system, was 3300mm, with a load capacity of 1500 kg per level.

The structure created gives the customer the availability of 15,000 (1200×1000) pallet spaces distributed on H. 9500/9220 shelving on 0 + 6 levels, with some areas at 0 + 3 and 0 + 7 precisely for storing specific products.

Safety nets have been provided on all crossing tunnels and on the last loading floor. The working corridors are between 3500 and 3800 to allow a comfortable use of retractable forklifts and the alignment with the 7 fire doors that divide the whole plant into two twin parts.


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