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New warehouse for a company specialized in air conditioning systems

by Bftm Admin

 For a well-known Italian company specializing in air conditioning systems, BFTM has created a warehouse that will allow it to manage the raw materials necessary for the production of extractor hoods and components for distribution, sanitation, qualification and air treatment systems, as well as of the same products and semi-products made in-house or from external suppliers.

The Loading Units managed are of various nature and form:

  • pallets of sheet metal,
  • bundles of steel profiles,
  • euro pallets of various components and raw materials,
  • stainless steel pipes of different sections,
  • small parts and electrical components,
  • bulky semi-produced elements, etc.

In order to manage the different loading units and to optimize work flows to and from the production area adjacent to the storage area, as well as to facilitate the loading / unloading phases of the vehicles leaving and entering the plant, 4 macros areas have been provided:

– An area of loading and unloading where we installed a C35A H4500 P1200 cantilever with 6 loading levels for long profiles has been provided;

– An area for the management of the sheets with two C45B H6000 P1500 cantilevers with Nr 7 load levels as well as on two large capacity shelving modules SC25 H4500 P1200 complete with Nr. 4 levels with front L4500 / span;

– An area for bulky material equipped with pallet racking Series GP101M H6000 P1500 composed of 4 load levels and front L3500 with a fully sheet metal surface to allow the management of various forms of semi-product;

– The last area, centrally located to the two previous ones, for the management of Euro pallets and picking materials; area equipped with pallet racking Series GP101M H6000 P1000 composed of Nr 4 load levels in front of L1800 / 2700 and a heavy balcony on three levels (ground, first and second), with walkway walkways on the floor, placed at H2500 and H4900, reachable by the operators via a central access ladder to the same system and “from the goods” through loading / unloading outlets on the floor, equipped with suitable tilting safety gates for operator fall; mouths conveniently located on one of the two fronts of the walkway balcony; the picking shelves arranged on each of the three levels of the balcony are made of blind panels and have front dimensions equal to L1800 / 2700/3500 and depth equal to L1200.

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