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Building material and equipment

Supply of cantilever structures with carport

Field of activity: building material and equipment trade

Since the kind of goods the customer is handling, longitudinal large-sized and very heavy, it was decided to design a solution giving at the same time high storage capacity and easy handling. Cantilever structures was the exact solution, special for the storage of heavy pallets and long span goods such as bars, tubolar, beams, timber, thus the absence of fore uprights making easy the positioning with outstanding dimension. Moreover, the composition of the structure is fully customizable since supporting brackets are adjustable in high thanking to the particular upright’s eyelets. In this specific situation, since the availability of an out door cleared area, it was decided to design a composition of two parallel rows of racks covered with a roof, so to use space outside of the warehouse by creating a suitable storage area of any kind of goods.

Building material and equipment

Realization of a new private university site in Milan

BFTM collaborates on the realization of a new private university site in Milan. Bftm, in collaboration with the Opificio del Design, has completed the construction of a building in the central area of ​​Milan, which will host  an important private  university.The project and the realization was the result of close collaboration between Bftm, the construction company that provided the reinforced concrete part and the company that installed the wooden cover over the entire structure.

Bftm has realized two structures framed in metal carpentry integrated on reinforced concrete columns. One of these structures with circular column was anchored directly to the plate. The other structure, on the other hand, was integrated, by means of prisoners, on concrete pillars. The floor covering was made of coated steel sheet where cement casting was performed. The construction has been completed in time considering the logistic’s problems  because the work was in the center of the city of Milan.

Building material and equipment

Construction and installation of shelter and roof

For an important powder coating production company we have created two steel works.

We have been installed one shelter for the industrial building and a shelter for external storage. The shelter, which covers two sides of the building, is fixed to the perimeter structure by means of steel anchors that have avoided encumbrances on the ground for the support columns. The roof is self-supporting with columns in galvanized round steel profile with carpentry cover.

The solution proposed by BFTM has given the customer the advantage of a solid and functional structure with minimal floor space.


Building material and equipment

Self-supporting anti-seismic warehouse

An important manufacturer of cooker hoods for kitchens, has exposed us the need to expand the area dedicated to the storage of finished products. The Bftm proposal took the form of a new anti-seismic self-supporting warehouse.

The self-supporting warehouse consists of the traditional pallet racking which, in addition to the dimensioning for the weight of the goods, is designed to support the load of the lateral infill panels and the roof that is realized by means of a cross-beam in carpentry.

Thanks to the integrated shelving-structure design of the warehouse, it was possible to create a zone with transparent polycarbonate panels in correspondence to the working corridors, which give a lot of brightness inside the warehouse.

With this realization, the customer has satisfied the need to make the most of the volumetry allowed by urban planning tools and thus have a dedicated construction in an intensive way to store the finished product avoiding the constraints that could occur inside a traditional industrial warehouse ( eg reinforced concrete pillars, etc. …), also having considerable savings on building works (foundations, etc.).

Building material and equipment

Mall in Latin America

The construction of a warehouse, used for commercial purposes, for a client from Latin America.

The structure is built with the innovative Ytong blocks, currently the best construction solution with a view to environmental sustainability.

Building material and equipment

New structure in carpentry for Hotel

We were involved by a construction company for the realization of a refined suite of a prestigious hotel whose position offers a splendid panorama of the port and the monuments of the city.

The suite will be equipped with every living comfort with the plus of the sauna and an indoor whirlpool.

Bftm has realized the carpentry structure of the project of “partial raising of the existing roof”, thus producing particular structural elements and the relative connections that will allow to fully enjoy the view, through the installation of large windows and beams with inclined cuts in order to realize of the “jolts” and therefore make the use of the suite more usable.

Proud to have been chosen for this work of prestige and to have faced the architectural challenges that such a project may have required, for the limited space of the site and for the need to operate without stopping the accommodation business.


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