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Domestic appliances

Inter-operating automatic warehouse

Business filed : Company producing white goods

The rakings systems are composed by two single sided structures with 102 bays long 5950 and 6 loading levels for a total height of 4500 mm. The storage is allowed by a traslo-lifter assuring a daily incoming and outbounding movement of 2400 inox drums for washing machines.

Domestic appliances

Self-supporting anti-seismic warehouse

An important manufacturer of cooker hoods for kitchens, has exposed us the need to expand the area dedicated to the storage of finished products.

The Bftm proposal took the form of a new anti-seismic self-supporting warehouse.

The self-supporting warehouse consists of the traditional pallet racking which, in addition to the dimensioning for the weight of the goods, is designed to support the load of the lateral infill panels and the roof that is realized by means of a cross-beam in carpentry.

Thanks to the integrated shelving-structure design of the warehouse, it was possible to create a zone with transparent polycarbonate panels in correspondence to the working corridors, which give a lot of brightness inside the warehouse.

With this realization, the customer has satisfied the need to make the most of the volumetry allowed by urban planning tools and thus have a dedicated construction in an intensive way to store the finished product avoiding the constraints that could occur inside a traditional industrial warehouse ( eg reinforced concrete pillars, etc. …), also having considerable savings on building works (foundations, etc.).


Domestic appliances

 Automated warehouse served by stacker

Field of activity: Production and trade of tubes and pipes.

Customer’s priority was to have a structure exploiting  the whole warehouse area by the installation of racks that could support very heavy loads, and the use of automatic shift-lifters granting speed and precision  in goods handling.

In these warehouses the full management of shelving and lifters is performed automatically using a particular committed software, ensuring any exclusion of mistakes in orders collection, allowing prompt changes in delivery planning, and safety in handling, furthermore saving costs of store management.



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