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Footwear and clothing

Extension performed on an existing old concept system

Business field : Important manufacturing Company operating in footwear and clothing sector, well known brand in nationwide and abroad

Planning and realization of a racking system for hanging items with additional automatic storage system and clothes picking
. The whole structures finished by electric plant design. All the system is provided with protection mesh assuring and in accordance with the matter about safety in working environment (D.lgs.81/08 dated 09/04/2008). Is was performed successfully and within the deadline the client’s request: expansion of the existing automatic system reducing at the minimum the downtime avoiding delivery gaps. The planning and the staff in charge of erection could coordinate the several stages in complete satisfaction of the customer’s request.

Footwear and clothing

Warehouse served by rail dependant storage

Field of activity: Textile

The structure has been designed considering the building is not existing and it will be built new. In this case the purchaser choose to realize this system composed by heavy duty racks and traditional metal works, and the sheeting carried by trusses allowing the attaching of the panels by galvanized steel and polyurethane.

The lifter (rail dependant storage) moves along proper guidelines fitted to the floor.

The design of this kind of store seeks the maximum compactness in loading reducing at slightest the delivery aisles that at least can be large as well as the size of the material to be stored.

In this warehouse the full management of shelving and rail dependant storage is performed in automatically using a proper software.

By this system it is granted speed and precision in delivery, removing mistakes in orders collection, it allows prompt changes in delivery planning, safety in handling, saving costs of store management.


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