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Hydro-thermic system trade

Complete key in hand warehouse fitting

Business field : Hydro-thermic system trade

Construction of a 2 floor mezzanine provided with 3 staircases, self standing platform with staircase, picking system racking, indoor and outdoor cantilever systems for pipes with several dimensions, pallet racking system.

This project was developed in a prospective of total tracing by WMS and RS system. This warehouse becomes a delivery centre (CE.DI) supplying 11 subsidiary Companies and manages the home deliveries for final private and professional customers. It is structured by two factory parts, the first dedicated to minutia and the second to palletized products stored by retractable fork-lift. The minutia section makes use of a multi-level structure designed for manual picking activity, planned accordingly to admittance rating and served by a product’s convoy system. 

Hydro-thermic system trade

From design to assembly, always with the same attention to detail

A two-storey mezzanine and pallet racking have been recently installed at a customer in the plumbing and heating sector, all in accordance with current anti-seismic regulations.

The collaboration between the customer’s engineering office and that of Bftm has allowed the optimization of the available surface in the new shed, built adjacent to the existing one.

The two-storey mezzanine, each of about 300 square meters, will be used as a warehouse. The construction is enslaved by a staircase and two swing gates have been provided. The material will also be brought to the floors by means of a freight elevator. 

The canopy was built along the entire length of three facades of the shed to protect the doors and loading / unloading areas.


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