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Structure for public records sector

Compact shelving 

Field of activity: Public Office 

The structure was designed to ensure an optimal use of available area and an appropriate picking efficency. It is equipped with a Central fixed unit, 9 units 10 units on left and right sides.

The filing structure closing is performed by moving the mobile units toward the fixed one and locking is accomplished by blocking locks.

The ending units are equipped by lockable steel doors, allowing the complete lock.

The units are furnished with N° 6 shelves in height and a closing TOP. The quantity of shelves as well as their position is always  customized so to match the customer’s needs.

The units are assembled on mobile bases containing in a very small space the sliding mechanism avoiding any damage to the floor by screws and other fasteners.

The units’ sliding is performed by a special two-spoke handwheel with locking swivel handle and plunger by which you can move one or more elements at the same time.  The structures can be supplemented not only with a plenty range of accessories characteristic of L12 serie, but also with levelling footboards in which the rails for slipping are embedded.

In this specific case, the cabinets were finished colour blue, according to the customer’s exact requirement.

The compact shelving are designed and produced in accordance to the provided rules for safety, particularly “Normative for industrial injury prevention”.


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