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Restructuring of the roof of the B.F.T.M. plant : less environmental impact and a healthier and brighter workplace

by Bftm Admin

We have completed the renovation and maintenance work at the BFTM plant.

Works were carried out on August. We have remove and disposed of the old eternity cover.

 At the same time, the new roof, made of sandwich panels and fixed skylights in alveolar polycarbonate, was installed, completed with new gutter channels and finishing flashings.

 This roofing solution allows us to significantly reduce the environmental impact of the building and to ensure greater well-being for our employees without losing functionality and aesthetics.

 The system adopted in fact allows a good thermal and acoustic insulation and at the same time offers a natural lighting that makes the working environment more pleasant and healthy.

 Come and visit us to see our factory close up.

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