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All our solutions are created by a careful structural study that allows to realize several kind of works: modular interlocking racks, pallet racks, multi-storey platforms, automatic warehouses, free standing structures with wide vertical extension and high loading weight. We design the structure’s sizing after analizing all the key factors: available area, load unit to be stocked, forklift in use, geolocation of installation site according to the aseismic rules.

Medium and heavy duty racks

Medium and heavy duty racks are composed of a compound of supporting frames connected to horizontal beams aimed to allow pallets storage on loading levels that can be moved vertically. Result of careful structural research accomplished by our technical staff, the several edges composing the frames allow the design of structures with important vertical extension, several storage levels and advanced loading capacity. The beams’ connecting system with frames is interlocking by self-blocking hooks.

Automated and self-standing store

Automated store allows to utilize very intensively the area in use as warehouse.The design of this kind of store seeks the maximum compactness in loading using all the available internal hight and reducing at slightest the delivery aisles that at least can be large as well as the depth of the pallet to be stored. If the building is not existing and it must be built new, often the purchaser opts to realize this kind of self-standing structure.

Light duty shelving system

Light duty shelving system is the optimal series for archiving, filing, organizing any kind of object, component or item thanking to the large variety of dimensions and accessories available. The key elements in this series are: the frames composed of two “U” profiled uprights made of origin certified structural steel, and shelves realized in steel plate bended on each side trough 3 range of cold folding. The shelves are connected to the frames by four hooks arranged in correspondence with the edges of the shelves themselves.

Compact shelving

Mobile shelving are elements that allow to collect and to archive files, goods and/or parts using more than the 90% of the area. This is a solution for all environments: office, archive, warehouse, refrigerated rooms. It allows to make up the space reducing to only one the aisle for consultation or picking. In fact the shelving’s mobility sliding on rails consents, when needed, to open the concerned lane keeping the other shelving closed saving all the other aisles not interested in handling. All the mobile structures are realized and designed under the safety rules, particularly the rules for prevention for industrial accidents.


Shelving with cantilever uprights are characterized by a bracket system and they are specifically realized for the storage of heavy pallets and/or goods such as bars, tubular, beams, timber. Also by cantilever structures the space can be used to the full thus the supporting brackets are adjustablein high thanking to the particular upright’s eyelets.
The simplicity of assembling and its modular system make these structures the ideal solution under the economy view to store goods with high lengthwise dimensions.
Cantilever makes easy and optimizes the work of whom is using it because of the opportunity for single or double front loading also in open space thanking to the expedience to be equipped with a roof.advanced loading capacity. The beams’ connecting system with frames is interlocking by self-blocking hooks.


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