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The best solution for an ” out of standard ”

by Bftm Admin

The challenge this month was the creation of the best storage system for a company that produces and distributes ceramic, parquet and do-it-yourself profiles.

This company manages 800×2600 mm finished product pallet, weight 30 ql each.

To allow the highest density of this type of pallet, Bftm, for the central row, has designed a shelving with three shoulders coupled with 1000 mm depth spacers with 7 load levels each of which with sheet metal top.

This new system is completed with double depth wall rows, again to store the pallets of finished product and two cantilever shelving blocks to store the raw material.

The entire warehouse was formulated considering the seismic actions characteristic of the installation site and developed according to the D.M. 14-01-2008 “Technical Standards for Construction” and related application circular considering also the specific standard for shelving UNI EN 16681 “Static steel storage systems – Pallet racking – Principles for Seismic Design”.

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